New Mac SSD Upgrade Options Now Available

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.23.10 PM

Is your 2013 or newer model MacBook Pro or MacBook Air running out of disk space? Up until now, there weren’t any available storage upgrade options for the newer model Mac laptops due to their proprietary style solid state drive (SSD) flash blades. But that all changed as of yesterday with the announcement from Other World Computing on the availability of their new Aura SSD flash blades that are fully compatible with mid-2013 and newer Mac laptops in sizes up to 1TB!

OWC already had standard 2.5″ style SSD’s available for the older Mac laptops as well as SSD flash blades for the 2010-2012 model Mac laptops. Now, their Aura SSD product line includes full support for the 2013 and newer models, which is welcome news for those who bought a newer Mac laptop with one of those tiny SSD flash blades that’s now running out of space.

SSD upgrades are also the best “bang for the buck” upgrades you can do for an older Mac or PC. Want to see just how much faster an old Mac runs with an SSD compared to the older style hard drives that came stock? Check out these videos where I put a 2009 iMac and a 2010 MacBook Pro to the test!

Here is OWC’s current SSD pricing per Mac laptop model (not including installation service):

  • 2013-current MacBook Air
    • 480GB $347.99
    • 1TB $597.99
  • 2012 MacBookAir
    • 120GB $79.00
    • 240GB $127.99
    • 480GB $207.99
    • 1TB $397.99
  • 2010-2011 MacBook Air
    • 120GB $79.00
    • 240GB $127.99
    • 480GB $207.99
    • 1TB $397.99
  • 2008-2009 MacBook Air
    • 60GB $94.99
    • 120GB $117.99
    • 240GB $179.99
    • 480GB $297.99
  • 2008 MacBook Air
    • 64GB $139.00
    • 128GB $229.00


  • 2013-current MacBook Pro Retina
    • 480GB $347.99
    • 1TB $597.99
  • 2012-2013 MacBook Pro Retina
    • 240GB $134.99
    • 480GB $217.99
    • 1TB $419.99


  • 2009-current MacBook Pro
    • 60GB $42.99
    • 120GB $64.99
    • 240GB $104.99
    • 480GB $194.75
    • 1TB $344.75
    • 2TB $647.99
  • 2006-2009 MacBook Pro
    • 60GB $42.99
    • 120GB $63.88
    • 240GB $103.99
    • 480GB $171.99
    • 1TB $329.99

SSD upgrades are also available for the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro, as well as most PC laptops and desktops! Call or email Echo Park Mac & PC Repair to book your SSD upgrade service now!


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