Break The Sleeping Habit

Whether Mac or PC, part of keeping your computer secure means always keeping it updated with the latest official patches. Both Apple and Microsoft regularly release free updates that address bugs and security holes that can be easily exploited if left unpatched. Every time you take your unpatched machine online, you are essentially a vulnerable sitting duck as soon as you connect that machine to a WiFi or wired network.

It’s easy to keep your machine updated if you turn on automatic updates, but what you may not realize is that some of those updates aren’t actually applied until the next full reboot. Putting your computer to sleep doesn’t qualify as a full reboot, so if you’re in the habit of just closing the lid, you need to develop a new habit: the daily reboot. If restarting your computer daily is too tedious, then at least do it weekly.

As a bonus, there are performance benefits in addition to the security benefits of a daily reboot. Problems due to buggy applications and hung processes can oftentimes be cleared out with a simple reboot.

A properly configured system should be able to perform a full restart in less than a minute and should only take longer when it’s applying a patch update. If your machine is consistently taking too long to restart, you may be in need of a startup analysis, OS upgrade, hard drive upgrade or hardware upgrade.


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