[Video] Before & After: 2010 MacBook Pro SSD Data Doubler Upgrade

A recent client had a mid-2010 MacBook Pro running slow. The memory had already been maxed out at 8GB (2x 4GB) but the laptop was still running on the original stock 500GB SATA HDD that was definitely showing signs of age. AHT Apple Hardware Diagnostics indicated no problems with any of the other hardware so this laptop was a great candidate for an internal storage upgrade.

To replace the aging rotational HDD, we decided to go with OWC’s Mercury 6G SSD which provides some of the fastest speeds possible on this model MacBook Pro. The client rarely uses the CD/DVD optical drive and so we decided to install a secondary 1TB rotational SATA HDD using OWC’s Data Doubler, an optical drive replacement that comes with the proper mounting brackets and SATA connector adapter.

The new SSD read/write speeds clocked in at almost four times faster than the old aging rotational HDD. Even the newer rotational HDD clocked in about twice as fast than the old drive.

After a clean OS X install onto the primary SSD, we moved the user home folder location over to the secondary internal HDD. It’s always a good idea to separate user data from the operating system and software so that OS upgrades and re-installs can be done more easily and safely.


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